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Ship and Print Place

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People move.  They move out of their parents' house, in with each other, to new cities, for school, for work, for themselves, for each other.  Each occurrence is another opportunity to reflect, remember, plan, hope and start again.  Each move is exciting and a little frightening.  Each move is life.

At Ship and Print Place, we want to help you get on with life as safely and worry-free as possible.  Even more, we want your move to be so remarkably smooth that all your friends and family remark at what a bumpless ride.

Our packaging experts are skilled to help you protect the contents of your life for the big (or small) move.  We've got the tools: big boxes and cushioning, medium boxes and tape.

We've got the knowledge: how plates shift, how TVs fit, and how much weight is a little bit...too much.  And precious items get extra attention with bubble cushioning, packaging peanuts and boxes to fit.