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Ship and Print Place

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As a drop off location for FedEx and UPS we provide a professional, convenient location for you to drop off your packages and letters as a courtesy to you. 

We accept your drop off shipments at no charge, as long as they are 

securely taped, properly packaged, labeled and ready for shipment.   

If you need any assistance with additional labeling, packaging, taping, documentation, nominal, appropriate charges will apply. 

(beginning at $1.00)  These charges must be paid at the time the shipment is dropped off and can not be charged to your account.  

Additionally, we do not print return labels, free of charge.  If you need your return label printed, there is a $4.00 fee per label.  You may email the label image to us.  We do NOT have the authority to print Amazon QR codes - please see below for how to reprocess your return, as there is nowhere in the area can scan these codes.  We also do not have access to corporate accounts and have no way of billing a third party account number.  

Please be prepared to pay for your shipment when you bring it in. 


(Due to customs documentation requirements, we are unable to accept international DHL drop offs)

***We are NOT a UPS Store.  We are NOT corporately owned by any of the carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL and U.S. Postal)  We are an authorized ship center and 

re-seller of these services.  We can not take a corporate account number for billing. We have no agreements with Dish Network or Comcast to send back their equipment at no charge.  

Please contact these companies to make arrangements for them to provide you an actual shipping label and not a QR or barcode.

Ship and Print Place
Shipping Terms and Conditions

1.     Subject to the terms and conditions, Ship and Print Place (“Us”) will receive, forward and/or pack parcels for customer (“You”).  The Carrier for all parcels accepted by Ship and Print Place shall be delivered by Federal Express, UPS, DHL or U.S. Postal Service, determined by You, the customer.  You confirm the accuracy of the “Ship To” address.

2.     We do not accept hazardous material, illegal items or articles of unusual value, including but not limited to cash or coin.  See carrier tariff or service guide for other restricted items.

3.     We do not transport your Parcels.  We assume no liability for the delivery of the parcels accepted for shipment or for loss or damage by any cause to the parcels or their contents while in transit.  You agree that carrier’s liability for lost or damaged parcels is limited by the provision in this PSO.  You agree to all terms and conditions on this PSO whether or not declared value is purchased.  Driver may deliver parcel without a signature unless you request a signature on delivery and pay any applicable charge for such service.  Carrier is not liable for loss or damage occurring after delivery.

4. We are not liable for carrier’s failure to timely deliver.  Any statement to us to a probable date of delivery is only opinion and an estimate, and is not warranted in any manner.  We are not liable for any consequential,    incidental or punitive damages, or any loss or damage resulting from delays in shipping or delivery.

          ***I understand that US Postal, UPS & FedEx GROUND shipments are not guaranteed and there are NO refunds for such services. 

          ***I have been offered Overnight or Express service and have declined and chosen Ground service. ___________(initial)

5.     We are trained in packaging parcels and you acknowledge that packaging standards to withstand shock, vibration and compression have been explained by us.  Our responsibility for damage to items caused by improper packing by us is limited by the Declared Value Terms & Conditions listed on this PSO.          

     ***Items packed by you are covered for loss but may not be covered for damage (fragile).  ___________(initial)

     ***Electronic items, because we cannot verify that they are working condition, may only be covered for loss but not be covered for damage. ___________

6.     If you or the consignee has a claim against the carrier or declared value provider for loss or damage to your parcel, you agree to make the claim through Ship and Print Place.  You expressly agree that we have no liability if any claim is denied or paid only in part by the carrier or other declared value provider.

7.     Shipments containing “food” (as defined in section 201f of the Federal food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act) will be accepted for transportation only according to the following terms and conditions.  You assume all responsibility to establish and maintain all records required under 21 CFR Part 1 Subpart J§ 1.326-1.363.  

8.     Ship and Print Place is not responsible for interruptions or failures of electronic processes, including transmissions of shipping order information.

9.     Declared Value Terms & Conditions.  Declared value coverage will be available only if you have complied with all Declared Value Terms & Conditions.  For an additional fee we will obtain declared value coverage for your shipment through the carrier designated by you.  We surcharge the cost of this product.  You expressly acknowledge that the value of each parcel does not exceed the amount you listed in the declared value field and stated on the transaction receipt.  If no amount is specified, you agree that the value of the parcel(s) shall not  exceed $100 for Federal Express and/or UPS parcels and $0 for US Postal Service.  If you refuse additional   declared value coverage for items of greater value, you will be limited to a maximum declared value as stated above.  Each declared value provider designates monetary limits coverage.  The declared value terms and conditions of the various carriers are located in the carrier service guide for coverage provided by the carriers and are also available at this location upon request.  Consult the applicable Declared Value Terms & Conditions and terms of coverage for further information.

11.     Limitations of Liability.  Our liability, the carrier’s liability for loss or damage to your parcel is limited to your actual damages or $100, whichever is less, unless you declare and pay for a higher authorized value.      Declared value coverage is not available for items of sentimental value, precious metals, negotiable instruments or prohibited items.  The limit of liability for a parcel containing a check or checks is limited to the stop payment and check(s) reissuance cost, not to exceed $100 per parcel.  In no event shall we be liable for the face value of any check(s), phone card, gift certificate or gift card.  Limitations of liability can be found in the carrier’s service guide or tariff.

12.     Filing a claim.  Any and all claims must be in writing and received by us within the carrier’s required time frame (typically 15 days).  Claims not made within the prescribed time frame are waived and will not be paid.  Any and all claims are waived if the consignee accepts the parcel without noting damage on the delivery record.  For all damage claims, the original packaging materials must be made available for carriers’ inspection, and the claim supported by the shipping documents including but not limited to this PSO, a copy of the receipt and proof of declared value.

13.     This PSO constitutes the entire agreement between You and Us, and supersedes all prior, subsequent  and/or contemporaneous representations, written or oral.